Sumworld Mosaic Essential Oils Tealight Candle Diffuser

This mosaic glass essential oil diffuser is a beautiful piece of art with a useful function. With a simple tealight candle, it diffuses scents inside essential oils into the air around you and spread colorful light shadows on your desk.

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The Sumworld Mosaic glass essential oil diffuser beats competitors with its artistic colorful design that capture the mind and the senses.

Essential oils have a lot of amazing health benefits and have been used by humans for thousands of years. Many today do not even know about them or have never used them. They can be used to relieve stress and spread soothing scents in your room or office. One of the simplest ways to diffuse essential oils into the air is through a tealight glass diffuser.

Simply mix a few drops of Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils with a carrier oil like fractioned coconut oil at the top of the diffuser, then insert one Elite Selection Pure Beeswax Tealight Candle at the lower section of the diffuser.

Within a few minutes, the scents of the essential oil will start filling up the air around you.

H: 14.5cm
D: 10.5cm