How to Stay Positive in Life: 8 Reasons & 9 Tips

When life gets tough, it becomes really hard to find reasons to stay positive. In those tough moments, we also tend to lose hope about the future, even if for a short while.

To stay positive at those moments, you have to remember the things that you will miss, in case you do not. Only then, you will consciously refuse to sink into the mud pool of negativity.

Reasons To Stay Positive

1. You Miss Today

If you spend today worrying about tomorrow or thinking about yesterday, then you absolutely waste today and tomorrow.

Embracing tomorrow with all of its uncertainty and yesterday with all of its mistakes allows you to feel better right now and positions you for a better tomorrow.

Hope and work for the best to happen but you also have to accept that the worst of things could happen to you. This is part of your human experience that you have to surrender yourself to.

Believe in destiny and understand that things happen for a reason. There is always a bigger plan and you have the power to edit it as long as you seek value in what you think, do and share.

2. You Waste Time

When you worry about tomorrow or think about yesterday, you waste the time that you can utilize right now to create a better today and tomorrow.

If life starts taking hard punches at you, the first thing you should protect is your focus on the goals you were already working on and not your face. If you lose your focus, then you will eventually lose your time and you will multiply the negative effect of these punches.

You should not freak out because you will eventually figure it out, just like you did before. By that time, you should still be moving on the same trajectory you were already on.

It is ok to lose sometimes, as long as you keep your collectiveness, perspective, character, and positivity. Only with them, you will be able to rebuild anything from scratch.

3. You Damage Your Health

Fear about the unknown future is one of the main causes of chronic stress and anxiety. These two mental disorders can have a really negative effect on your health and well-being and can lead to cancer, heart attacks, drug abuse, and even suicide.

What is the benefit of gaining the whole world and losing your own health?

Imagine waking up 10 or 20 years from today with health issues that you caused to yourself with your own wrong mental attitude and lifestyle habits that developed from this attitude.

This is definitely a real loss that can not be reversed and that is why you should try to protect your body and mind with everything you can, no matter what happens.

4. You Damage Your Relationships

If you are always in a negative state of mind, then people will start to run away from you because your energy field will repel them.

You can make money or find another job, but it will be hard to replace a loved one or a partner that you pushed away with your negative behavior that was caused by your negative thoughts and attitude.

Just like your health, people that really love you are the most valuable asset that you have. If you lose them, then you have truly lost something that is hard to regain.

5. You Fail to Reach Your Own Potential

High achievers master the art of staying positive.

When you fear, then you lock yourself in a reactive state of mind that anticipates negative results. It is possible that you become used to this
with the time and eventually, forget about your own dreams and goals that you once set for yourself.

Instead, you will be busy trying to defend yourself from this monster that you have created in your mind.

Slaughter this monster, right now!

Everything you are trying to defend and protect is not worth defending if it ain’t making you light up with life every single morning. If that is the case, then you will most probably be OK, in case you lose it. As long as the outcome would be to focus on what you were actually supposed to work on in the first place, then everything will be fine.

6. You Stop Learning and Growing

Let your worries be your engine to move forward. Decide to not let your past mistakes cripple you no matter how often you repeat them or commit new ones.

We stress out because our brain senses danger and it tries, therefore, to protect us from this danger by making us feel uncomfy. The rational response to these feelings is to listen to it and to work harder towards our goals with faster acceleration and power.

Moments of doubt, worry, fear, and despair are the candle that lights up your way moving forward.

7. You Stop Enjoying Life

Keeping a positive mental attitude is not a given, because life is filled with trauma, drama, and pain. It is up to us to decide on which side of the fence to stand on.

People who stay positive tend to enjoy life more than people who do not because they accept the fact that life can be unfair but still decide to keep their class and gratitude for whatever they have or have already received.

By doing that, they reach the highest levels of consciousness attainable in our existence.

Only at those levels can true enjoyment be experienced.

Life is not a competition nor a race but rather a journey of building, fixing and learning, so it is crucial to maintain the life energy that lies inside of us and to only utilize it for what is useful.

By worrying about tomorrow or thinking about yesterday, you consume the energy tank that you have much faster and for absolutely no good reason at all.

8. You Die with Regret

You might have figured it out by now.

A life filled with worry and fear is not a life worth living. Just keeping this in your mind will silence those evil sounds in your head begging you to freak out.

Train yourself to remain cool and to not over-exaggerate.

a man who stays positive through dancing on the street

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How to Increase Your Positivity

Remember Your Value

The first thing to work on is the way you look at yourself.

You might meet people that neither appreciate nor understand what you have done or achieved. They might criticize you or hurt you with or without intention.

It doesn’t matter because you know what your real value is and what have done to reach where you are.

Let them dwell in their own inner conflicts and insecurities and do not allow them to drag you down.

Take Care of Your Physical Appearance

Go shave, get a haircut, buy new clothes and wash those sneakers you have been wearing for months without even looking at them because the way you look does have a positive effect on how you feel.

Your physical appearance doesn’t define who you are and you shouldn’t worry about what others think of you.

You care because you love and respect yourself.

Tidy Up Your Room

Look around your room.

Does it look like a place that invites positivity?

If it doesn’t, then get up now and tidy it. Throw everything that you do not need out of the window and replace it with beautiful things like a plant vibrant with life or a painting that inspires you.


When you exercise, your central nervous system releases hormones called endorphins.

The main function of endorphins is to inhibit the communication of pain signals. It also produces a feeling of euphoria similar to that produced by opioids.

Exercising will help you stay positive when you face a difficult negative situation.

Improve Your Diet

Just like exercising, having a good diet is necessary to stay positive. If your body is filled with toxic harmful chemicals, then so will your mind.

You do not have to be a brilliant cook in order to eat more healthy. First, you need to reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeinated drinks, fast foods and anything filled with added sugar that is not naturally found in foods.

Then, you have to consume a balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and a bit of fat. Additionally, you should drink at least 1 liter of water a day.

To make sure that your body has all the chemicals it needs to function correctly, you can add natural whole-food supplements to your diet.

Create an Uplifting Music Playlist

Music is one of life’s most precious gifts that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. If you can to listen to it, then appreciate the gift of being able to do so first.

Put all the music playlists that make you feel melancholic or depressed aside. Replace them with a new playlist filled with songs that make you feel alive inside.

Pick those songs that you want to dance, whistle or wiggle your head or feet with. If you are looking for inspiration to add more similar tracks from the same genre, then use Spotify or Youtube

If you are a fan of electronic music, then check these 8 Chill Electronic Music Albums for Stress Relief

Help Someone Else

By helping others, you cleanse your heart from selfishness and envy.

In order to stay positive, you have to get rid of both. It is not an easy thing to do since it is hard for us to be humble and giving in a modern day culture that thrives on superficiality and egoism.

That is still not an excuse to not do it because you can truly still make a difference. If you have time and no money, then you can volunteer and help strangers for free.

You can also try to help a friend or family member who is suffering from stress or anxiety because of the challenges he or she might be facing.

In case you have money but no time, then donate some of the money you make to charity on a monthly basis. For example, you can consider adopting a person living in poverty in a third world country financially through a platform like Givedirectly by just spending 30$ a month.

This platform is unique because it donates the money directly to those in need and by that avoid inefficiency and corruption. You can check how these donations affected the life on one of the receivers on the other side in this video.

Write Your Goals Down and Work on Them

If you want to truly be happy and make sense of life, then you need to have goals that have value and work on them every single day.

If one of your goals is having money, then ask yourself why and try to find a reason with value:

Example of a reason with value

I want to earn this amount of money in order to buy myself a luxury car that I have been dreaming of because I love myself and want to enjoy driving one with my girlfriend or wife through the city on it sometime in the future.

Example of a reason with no value

I want to earn this amount of money in order to buy myself a luxury car that will make me look rich because I am used to showing off.

To have a list of meaningful goals in life is not a thing you could do overnight. As you grow older and wiser, you will add new ones and remove old ones.

The main thing is to write a few attainable goals right now and to start working on them.

Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them

Napoleon Hill, The Author of Think and Grow Rich

Stay in Touch with Your Family

Your family members are your gold and backbone in life. They love you unconditionally on a completely different level.

Your friends are important too but they are not comparable to your current and future core family members.

Take care of them whenever and however you can and ask them for help in case you need it. If you are experiencing any issues that are bothering you then always talk start fixing it by sharing your pain with them first.

Back To The Future

Those were our tips on how to stay positive and the main reasons why should try to do so.

If you are currently going through hard times, then imagine yourself a few years from now at a better place feeling proud of yourself. You know that you had millions of reasons to give up and sink into negativity, but you refused and decided to stay positive.

You looked forward, wrote your goals down and found a way to realize them with your hard work and commitment.

That can be your story, if you just decide to stay positive today.

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