How to Overcome Failures and Setbacks in Life

Any person who is trying to consciously navigate through life will know that nothing goes according to a plan no matter how good it sounds. That is the beauty of life and our human experience. Setting those goals in the first place is the first key to success and fulfillment, but the second more important key to success is learning how to overcome failures and setbacks.

Fall down seven times, get up eight 

Japanese proverb


Life tends to reward people who are consistent. A person who hasn’t failed enough times will not understand that the main cause of failure is inconsistency and impatience.

During New Year’s Eve, the majority set goals to be achieved during the next year. Most of those goals die in March or April due to impatience and inconsistency. We expect results fast and believe that the universe owes us the results we want just because we scratched the surface for a couple of months.

That is unforunatly not the case.

In order to succeed in life, then you need to take action, commit and remain consistent in your efforts until you crack that wall open.

Timing and Luck

Every flower has a season.

You need to accept the fact that there is a possibility to fail, even if you pour a lot of efforts and hard work. The journey towards those goals might teach you and give you a lot of things that could be more valuable than reaching the goal itself.

I like to use the German football manager called Jürgen Klopp as a good example of this. This coach started his managing career with small football teams in the German football league Bundesliga around 20 years ago.

In 2008, he was assigned as a football manager for an iconic German football team who has been experiencing one of the worst periods in its history called Borussia Dortmund.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Klopp managed to resurrect this team and helped it win the German league twice in 2011 and 2012. He also managed to help it reach the final of the UEFA Champions League, which is considered to be the most prestigious championship in Europe in 2013. His team lost in the final.

In 2015, he was assigned to train another iconic football team in England called Liverpool, which plays in the English football league, the Premier League. By the end of his second season there, he found himself playing in the final of the second most prestigious European championship in Europe called the UEFA Europa League. His new team lost in this final too.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

During the 2017/2018 season, he managed to reach the final of the UEFA Champions League for the 2nd time personally with his new team Liverpool. He lost in the final match again.

He hasn’t given up yet.

During the current season of 2018/2019, his team is currently about to play the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League and this means that he has a chance to reach the final of a major European championship for the 4th time within about 5 years.

Not only that, but his team currently find itself in the second place in the English Premier League with only 1 point behind Manchester City. Liverpool FC hasn’t won the English Premier League for more than 25 years.

A person with a negative mental attitude would feel bitter and would give up if put in a similar situation. I bet that even if Klopp fails another time to achieve his goals this season, he will try again next year with full commitment and focus.

If you really want to achieve your goals, then you need to be like Klopp. No matter how many times you fail, you should always come back and try again.

Although he has failed so often to win titles, he is currently considered to be one of the best football managers in the world. His current yearly salary at Liverpool FC is around 7 million British pounds (9 Million dollars).

Become an Expert

Trying hard is not enough, but rather trying hard using the right strategy and techniques.

If you train super hard to do something using the wrong strategy and techniques, then you will be absolutely unbeatable in doing that thing incorrectly and you will eventually be beaten by someone else working as hard as you but using better strategies and techniques. You do not want to put yourself in such a vulnerable position.

The key to avoiding this is to become an expert in your field through further education and study. You need to know everything possible about the environment in which you are trying to succeed in.

Furthermore, you have to find role models in your field that have already achieved what you are trying to do and maybe even try to model their success to a certain extent.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

You will not succeed by thinking you could work on more than one project at once. Every successful person focuses on one single thing at a time during a certain time period. You too should pour your focus completely into one single cast until you achieve what you want to achieve.

Many think that if a person throws 10 things at the wall, then eventually one of them will stick. This is a horrendous fallacy.

During your lifetime, you will have the chance to work on different things and projects and eventually be able to succeed in them, if you want to. The trick is to try achieving them one at a time.

Multi-tasking is for losers.

Testing and Improving

The way you try to achieve your goals in life should be adjustable.

You should always try to test different techniques and strategies to achieve them. Remember that this doesn’t mean changing your goals, but rather adjusting the way you get to them.

If you notice small signs of success using a certain strategy and a combination of techniques, then bet on them and put more efforts using them. You have to be patient and not jump around from one way to another every time you feel discouraged because you didn’t get the results you were wishing for.

Commit and work hard but remain witty and open for improvements.

Strive for A+ Quality

If you are not performing at an A+ level, then you are trying the hard way to get things done. You will not be able to last long and withstand failures and defeats if you are performing physically at a low level.

People at the top do their best to maintain their mental and physical states at its peak. This means eating well, sleeping well, exercising their body and allowing it to recover as often as needed. They have routines that they follow daily and diets that suit their body’s chemistry. They also avoid harmful habits, people and wasting their time on useless things.

A person performing at an A+ level will eventually create results that have an A+ quality.

If you are creating results that have an A+ quality consistently using the right strategy and techniques, then your chances to succeed are super high and I would bet on it.

Belief and Positivity

You will be confronted with negative critique, haters, accidents, failures, and tragedies as long as you live. There is no way to avoid them because they are part of the script.

The real war is fought inside your head. You might lose a battle every once a while and feel crushed. That is part of the game.

But in no way, shape or form shall you allow yourself to be defeated on your own ground. The way you deal with success and failure makes you who you are.

So seek to have a life filled with knowledge, wisdom, fulfillment and bliss.

With the right attitude, you can overcome failures and setbacks no matter how massive they seem to be and remember:

Goal + Consistency + Strategy and Techniques + Quality = Success

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