How to Find a Job that Makes You Happy

You have to find a job that makes you happy. Without it, you will live a miserable life and you won’t respect yourself for not living up to your dreams.

Furthermore, it will cause you to have an unhealthy relationship with your body and the people around you. The weight of this load that you will carry around will eventually break you from the inside both physically and mentally.

You might be experiencing this right now and that it is ok. It is your fault and you are the one blame in case you decide to continue on your current path.

In this article, we will define a job as anything you do on a daily basis as a way to earn a living, whether you are self-employed or employed by someone else.

You do not work for money

In a business transaction, money is what you receive in exchange for goods or services you are offering. In case you have neither, then you exchange your time and effort for it.

The majority exchange their time and effort for money by working from 9 to 5 in order to pay bills, feed themselves, enjoy as much as their budget allows them to and maybe save some money on the side for their retirement, a house, a car, a trip somewhere or anything else.

Money itself is not a goal but rather a vehicle to transfer value.

Now, if money was not the reason you are having your current job, what else would you rather be doing?

Trust your Gut

You always have to trust your gut because your human intuition is your compass in life. If your gut is telling you that you should quit your current job, then you should immediately start listening.

The thing you actually want to do every day instead might not be financially rewarding at the beginning.

So you have to truly believe that whatever is calling and making you feel that way is actually the future version of yourself that is trying to realize itself. All you have to do is figure out how to get there.

Draw a picture of how you imagine your life to be and make realizing it your holiest goal.

Identify your Abilities

If you want to be a singer, then you need to have a good voice. It won’t matter how much you train as long as you do not have the talent to sing.

That is how everthing goes in life.

Every human being has specific abilities and limitations. You need to identify your strengths and focus on them. You have a limited time on Earth and a certain amount of energy that you can consume.

Dream big but be clinical about it.

Identify what you have to do in order to be what you want. If you think you can’t get there by yourself, then try to think of creative alternative ways to achieve it. You can try to find other people that can help you get there and ask them to join your team.

Be a resourceful human being that has the ability to work in a team and compromise.

Do not be afraid of asking and getting a no for an answer.

Generate Value

Having a fulfilling job means generating value in your environment. For example, solving other people’s problems or helping them get something they cannot create or do by themselves.

An expensive price doesn’t mean automatically a product or a service of high value. True fulfillment comes from serving others and it is up to you to charge for it or to do for free.

Look around you for problems. If you identify them, then think of ways you could help to solve them. Do not be naive and think that you could change the world. You can decide to have a big vision but in order to move towards it, you have to start with something small and feasible and work your way upwards.

Try More

In order to know whether doing a certain job would make you happy or not means that you have to keep trying things out. It is impossible to discover your real passion without being ready to get your hands dirty.

You do not necessarily have to switch your current job immediately. An easier way to go about this is to start another part-time in the new field you want to discover.

A much simpler way is to volunteer or work for a couple of months without getting paid. I am almost certain that some companies would gladly offer you the chance to do that.

If you want to be self-employed, then work evenings and on weekends on this dream career, you want to create.

Learn More

Books and courses are essential for the growth of our minds and characters. When we learn more about different topics, we increase our chances of identifying things that interest us and make us happy.

They not only introduce new concepts and ideas to us but also help us navigate through the journey of mastering them and make the whole experience easier.

Successful people understand that and always keep their ears and hearts open. Nevertheless, it is important to only trust reputable sources of knowledge and to not allow everything we hear or learn about to nest and branch into our minds and lives.

Listen to Others

Listening to other people’s opinions is not an essential thing you have to do in order to find a job that makes you happy. It should be used only as a source of inspiration and orientation.

Every person thinks differently, so someone might recommend something and be so excited about it but at the end of the day, your experience will certainly be different.

If you listen to someone’s advice and decide to try something out, then it is absolutely essential for you to disconnect your experience from this person’s experience. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of comparing which will eventually cause you to fail in case it doesn’t live up to what you have already heard.

How Hard Is It?

To find a job that makes you happy is not an easy task.

It takes courage to acknowledge the feelings that are forcing you to seek different options and effort to actually achieve it.

Remember that you are doing this because you love and care about yourself and your future, so you should not feel discouraged if things don’t go smoothly at the beginning.

Stick to it and hopefully you will find a job that makes you happy.

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