How to Deal With Stressful Coworkers

As a professtional, you need to learn how to deal with annoying stressful coworkers. The main goal of this blog post is to help you avoid conflicts and find a way to coexist with them.

This is a skill that is essential for succeding in life, since you will be confronted with annoying stressful people outside your workplace too.

Check yourself first

Before you start claiming that other people are stressful and annoying, you need to check yourself first and make sure that you are not the problem instead of others.

Human beings tend to be egotistical and very often naturally believe that the universe rotates around them. They also assume that other people are somehow obliged to follow their standards.

That is wrong.

People around you have their own personalities and ways of behaving and expressing themselves, so you should always take that into consideration before judging anyone.

Be flexible and let it go

Life is about giving and taking.

Sometimes you just have to be flexible and listen to what others have to say to you, even if you are not interested or do not feel like doing so.

Consider every day as a day filled up with experiences and interactions that can enrich your life somehow. Maybe the thing that a coworker is complaining about or annoying you with is an idea for a business that you can realize.

Or maybe whatever your coworker is sharing with you or complaining about is a lesson in disguise that you can learn from. By just keeping your ears open sometimes, you will be able to avoid doing mistakes other people do and learn from them.

If it is not really that serious, then just let it go.

Have sympathy

Try to focus on the positive aspects of any person’s character.

No one is perfect and every one of us has negative traits.

Furthermore, people act in an annoying manner sometimes because they have problems in their personal life. That is why you need to give others a chance to be annoying every once in a while.

Especially, if you do not know what they are experiencing at the moment or the reason why they are acting like that. As a matter of fact, you should even try to help them by listening to them or by being nice and friendly to them.

Ignore them like a winner

People who succeed in life tend to ignore all the negative noise around them and just focus on what matters. If you have a winner mentality, then you shouldn’t involve yourself in useless interactions with people that frequently waste both your time and energy.

Just let them whine, complain and stress out in their own dimension. The moment anyone around you start to do it, take a coffee break or go to the restroom. If you have headphones, then just put them on and focus on your work.

Make it a habit to never mix yourself with negative people and energy fields. Become allergic to poop and run away as far as possible from it.

Use work as an excuse

If a coworker gets on your nerves by demanding your attention in wrong times so often, then simply let them know that you are busy and have to do finish urgent work tasks.

This is not the best way to deal with the issue since it is a bit confrontational method to diffuse a situation and could cause further conflicts between both of you in the future.

Nevertheless, you can still do it in case you really have some important things to do and need to focus on your work. Just remember to be kind and gentle when you do it and hopefully, they will not take it personally.

Let them know

If nothing works, then it is time to discuss the issue with them.

First of all, try to gain their confidence by being genuinely nice to them. For example, you can buy them a coffee or invite them to lunch.

This is kind of necessary in order to reduce the chance of having any kind of confrontation with this coworker of yours.

Tell them at a suitable time outside the office or away from other colleagues in a respectful and honest manner that you are affected negatively by their behavior. Try to be as objective as possible.

Mark your territory

Talking respectfully and kindly with certain kind of people simply does not work sometimes.

So if you are sure that you have tried out all possible options to avoid having a conflict with a coworker, then it is time to mark your territory.

Express your feelings explicitly and directly to this coworker and let him or her know that you do not want to have any kind of communication that is not related to work.

Do not lose your temper and try to be sharp, direct and professtional.

By all means, try avoiding taking the issue this far as much as you can.

Escalte the issue

Let’s imagine that this coworker continues to annoy you somehow, even though you have explicitly told them that you do not want to communicate with him or her. Or maybe the manner in which he or she talks with you actually became more offensive and disrespectful.

You have no choice but to escalate the issue to your manager or supervisor.

Always remember to remain rational when you submit your complaint against anyone.

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