Fear Of the Future: How to Stop Worrying About It

Life as a child is so much easier than life as an adult. The moment you grow up, you start to worry irrationally and start getting a sense of fear about the future that is so hard to overcome.

The feeling itself can help you pay attention to important things and prepare you for hard times in your life that are yet to come.

Nevertheless, it is important not to be engulfed and controlled by this feeling.

This is probably the hardest battle that you will have to win in order to start living a life worth-living and reconnect with the brave child that you once were.

1. Understand fear

Fear is a feeling that makes you aware of the danger that can kill or hurt you. It is basically a survival defense mechanism. Whenever you see something that threatens your life, you run away.

The fear of the future is caused by thoughts in your mind.

You are fearing the future because you are thinking negatively about it and expecting bad things to happen to you. If you are fearing the future, then you are lost in your imagination because you are fearing something that does not exist and hasn’t happened.

2. Let go

You have the power to influence the path of your life, but you are never in charge of the final result. We love to control things because control means safety. Unforunately, life doesn’t work like that.

Nothing in your existence will last forever, not even yourself.

You do not know what will happen to you or to your loved ones, so it makes more sense to accept this fact of life instead of fighting it. Accepting it doesn’t mean surrendering, but instead means acknowledging the fact that you really not in control of what happen to you.

By letting go of control, you will actually gain more control over your life because you will always be ready for anything.

3. Be grateful

Worrying about the future means that you are not living in the moment. It also means that you are not enjoying your life right now and you are destroying your health and relationships with others.

You have to flip the equation.

Look at what you have right now. Appreciate the things that you own. For example, the current healthy body that you have and the loved ones in your life that are still alive.

You can read this article about the essential things to be thankful for on a daily basis.

4. Identify your future fears

What are things that are scaring you?

  • Not living the life you think you deserve
  • Not having money to do the things you want to do
  • Losing your income source or getting fired
  • Losing your partner or being cheated on
  • Losing your aging parents
  • Getting a serious illness
  • Not finding a partner to share your life with

Write down the things that you are worried about. Try to be as specific as possible. After you do that, look at what you have written down and try to look for patterns.

Stare your worst fears right in the eye.

5. Dealing with your fear

Punch fear in the face and get to living

Alan Watts

The only way to overcome your fear is to face it and defeat it.

You can suppress it, but it will keep haunting you until you understand that it is just a thought in your brain that you need to acknowledge and address.

Fear of death

You will die at a certain point and you can not do anything about that.

This could be in 50 years, 10 years, 10 months, 10 days or even 10 seconds.

You need to embrace this fact and not run away or be scared of it.

Everybody lives as long as it is meant for him or her to live and there is nothing rational in saying: “Oh he died too young” or ” I wish I can live forever”

This is just a fact of life.

Just like the air you are breathing, the water you are drinking or the eyesight you are using to read this article.

You overcome the fear of death by accepting death as a part of your life.

Fear of living a mediocore life

This is related to the fear of death since death ends our chance to continue the pursuit of our dream life.

First of all, you do not live a mediocore life.

You only feel like that because you are comparing yourself to the idols that are being worshipped in the media and on social networks.

They do not live the amazing life that you think they are living.

It is all in your head.

You are an amazing unique human being. All of your experiences, aspirations, dreams and hardwork is all that counts for you and is all that you should focus on.

Love and accept yourself the way you are, identify your weaknesses in order to improve them and identify your goals to work hard on achieving them.

Fear of sickness

This fear is also related to your fear of death and your fear of living a mediocre life, since suffering from a serious illness will either cripple you or kill you.

The only thing you can do to overcome this fear is to respect your body and treat it well.

Even if you do that, this will not gurantee you a sickness-free life.

So it doesn’t make sense to fear sickness and it is better to accept it as a fact of life too.

Fear of being broke

The majority of people cannot handle money.

They enslave themselves and take on debt without even blinking.

If you want to free yourself from this fear, then you need to start earning more of it and saving it.

There is no need to go out and about so often.

There is no need to eat in restaurants every day.

There is no need to buy expensive clothes and gadgets that you do not need.

There is no need to subscribe to services that are completely not necessary for you.

Stop borrowing money from the bank. Seriously, do not borrow a single cent anymore. If you cannot pay for it in cash, then you are not ready to own it.

Stay humble and live within your means.

Start a side-hustle and save the money you earn for few years. Maybe you can even start a business and become your own boss, if you have a valuable thing or idea to offer.

Keep doing this and you will eventually free yourself from this game and the fear of losing in it.

Fear of getting fired

So what?

There is so many other things that you can do.

You will not die or dissappear, if you lose A JOB

You career does not sum up your whole existence.

If you think it is, then you are living a sad life and need to break out of your hypnosis as fast as possible.

If you do not like your current job, then you should look for another one and quit already.

Fear of not finding a partner

If you are looking for a perfect partner, then you need to start acting like a perfect partner for someone.

A relationship is not about a fluffy unicorn having a romantic dinner with another fluffy unicorn under a rainbow.

A relationship is about commitment, loyality, respect and care.

If you are not mentally & financially stable, then you are still not ready for one.

If you are still selfish and immature, then you are definitely still not ready for one.

Focus on becoming a better happier human being and your perfect partner will appear out of nowhere

He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears

Michel de Montaigne

The list could go on and on.

The main important thing is to understand that fear is nothing but a thought in your mind that you need to deal with and address rationally.

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