A Helpful Guide on How to Recover from Burnout

In this guide on how to recover from burnout, we will share an action plan that you can follow to recover from burnout.

Feeling continuously stressed out, fatigued and depressed every day is a sign of a burnout.

Before we start, let me tell you that burnout could be one of the best things that ever happened to you recently. You are propably suffering from one because you strive to achieve something in your life.

Step 1: Damage Control

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This stage of the recovery process consists of small steps that you should do immediately in order to prevent any further damage to your body and mind. This is an essential part of the recovery that you will have to do.

Trying to ignore what you are suffering from or suppressing it any longer could scar you mentally or hurt your nervous system and health in general .

1. Admit that you are broken

You have done mistakes and haven’t been treating yourself well. The way you are approaching your goals in life is not ideal and you have to change it. The very first step of recovery is acknowledging that you are sick and broken because of your actions and thoughts.

Take responsibility and admit that.

Furthermore, you need to find the desire to change your behavior and rewire your brain. This is a chance for you to grow and to be a happier human being.

2. Let your loved ones know

You might still be hiding the feelings you have been experiencing from the people around you. One of the first things you have to do is to let them know that you are worn out inside.

Tell your partner, your parents, your siblings or your best friends. People who care about you the most should know about what you are suffering from because they are going to be an essential part of your recovery.

3. Go to a doctor

You need to completely shut off your system and separate yourself from anything you have to or want to do for at least 2 weeks

Go to a doctor and arrange a sick-leave with the HR department at the company you work at.

Furthermore, cancel all your other appointments and plans you had for the next month. Your health is the most precious asset you have and you need to do everything possible to regain it.

4. Go Offline

In this day and age, we are so attached to our smartphones and our social media accounts. For the next few weeks, you will have to completely shut both of them off.

No phone calls, no chats and no wasted hours on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

Do not feel guilty at all for not answering any messages or phone calls. You will have enough time to get back to them after you regain your health.

5. Pamper yourself with no guilt

All the stress, pain and possibly confusion you have been suffering from might have made you forget to take care of yourself lately. During these next 2-4 weeks, you need to pamper yourself extinsevely. This is a list of things that you can do:

  • Book a retreat holiday
  • Go to Spa as often possible
  • Get as many body massages as possible
  • Gift yourself beautiful pieces of clothes or accessories that you can afford
  • Binge-watch tv series, documentaries or movies that you love
  • Order food or groceries online whenever you don’t feel like going out

Step 2: Detox your body

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The relationship between your thoughs and body is intertwined.

Having a fearful approach towards life and not being able to deal with its challenges in a healthy manner may have taken its toll on you already and your body might be suffering from physical pain that is hard to pin down in your head, neck, chest, back or stomach.

1. Stop drinking alcohol and coffee

Drinking alcohol or coffee during this phase you are currently in is one of the worst things you can do. Every time you go out for a beer or grab a coffee, you put yourself in an unnecessary anxious and confused state of mind either immediately or the day after depending on which one of them you are having.

Try to completely cut-off alcohol and coffee from your diet for the next 3 months. This might seem like a minor change in your diet, but it is a change that will have a major positive effect on your state of mind and mental health in general.

2. Sweat it out

Doing aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling, hiking or dancing is a great way to release pressure and toxins out of our body.

When you exercise your body releases hormones in your brain and nervous system called endorphins which interact with the pain receptors and therefore inhibits the communication of pain signals.

These hormones will also produce a sense of euphoria inside you that is similar to the feelings produced by opioids like morphine. Therefore, excercising is a great natural way to uplift your mental state and speed up your recovery process.

3. Stretch your muscles

Stress restricts blood flow in your body. which causes tension in your muscles. By doing stretching exercises you increase your body’s elasticity and get rid of any tension built up inside of them.

You can incorporte this into your lifestyle by practicing yoga excercises every morning or every evening before sleep in your bed. This is an easy way to get yourself going in the right direction.

4. Eat stress-reducing foods

Besides alcohol and coffee, you should also restrain from eating sweets, processed foods, energy drinks, and soda.

Instead, you should consume more of the foods that help reduce stress inside your body like avocado, dark leafy greens, asparagus, berries, nuts, mushrooms, tomatoes, fish and oatmeal.

5. Use CBD products

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical extracted from cannabis. It has been proven that CBD can be used to relieve all sorts of pain and inflammations inside your body.

Furthermore, many studies have shown that CBD can be used for treating anxiety and is considered to be a good natural supplement for people suffering from insomnia.

Step 3: Detox your Mind

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The way you are thinking and reacting to life challenges is the main cause of your burnout. You need to change it.

Moreover, it is also important to get rid of the negative rubbish that has accumulated inside of your mind over the years before you become able to move forward.

1. Cry it out

You might have made bad decisions that cost you relationships, time and money or maybe you have been trying so hard to achieve certain goals but no matter how hard you tried, you fell short and failed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, do not be afraid of feeling weak and let that pressure out by crying in case you feel like it. There is absolutely no shame in doing that.

2. Reconnect

If you want to live disconnected from your spiritual core, then be my guest. But if you truly want to heal yourself and have a blessed life then you absolutely have to do this.

In case you are religious or believe in a creator, then pray as often as you can and ask for help and guidance. The vehicle you use does not matter, but rather that you completely surrender yourself to the central source of energy in existence.

Reconnect with the magnificent universe you are living in and admire it. Start by appreciating your human body and the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

Purify your being from hate, fear, greed and jealosy.

3. Listen to positive affirmations

You broke down because mentally you have been repeating negative scenarios or thoughts in your head over a long period of time. Now, you can reverse that.

Your brain is easy to trick into adopting a new positive pattern of thinking and the key for doing this is REPETITION.

If you repeat certain mantras over a period of time, your brain will eventually accept the ideas repeated in these mantras as your new reality.

You can introduce new positive ideas to your mind during this recovery phase by listening to positive affirmations that were made specifically for people suffering from stress or anxiety.

You can try this one here:

4. Heal your wounds

In case you hurt someone with your words and actions in the past few years, then now is the perfect time to fix that. Pick up the phone or send a message and ask for forgivness.

If someone hurt you and you still hold a grudge against him or her, then let it go and forgive them. If you don’t, you will continue to rotten from the inside.

Look back at the hardships and traumas you might have experienced in your life until now and accept them as a part of your story. You are turning that page for good and will move forward with an authentic sense of thankfulness for the good and bad in your life.

5. Re-examine your goals in life

To have certain goals in your life means that you need to clearly and precisely define the reasons why you want to achieve them. If you can’t find an answer for some of your goals, then you need to drop them out.

Your goals should be inline with your daily actions.

Furthermore, you need to understand that to achieve anything worthwhile in life you need to be patient and that you have to love the process of working daily on achieving them.

Step 4: Detox Your Enviroment

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Your environment might have been one of the catalysts of your burnout. Take a step back and try to identify the things that might be causing you to stress out from the outside and remove them from your environment.

1. Get rid of toxic people

The ideas being put in your mind from the people around you and the behaviour displayed in front of you have an enormous effect on your metal state.

If you have colleagues or friends that drag you down into the mud pool of negativity and pessimism, then it is time to distance yourself from them. Furthermore, anyone making you feel guilty in any way, shape or form should understand that he or she is not allowed to do that anymore.

Anyone who actually cares about you will stand with you no matter what and will always support you during the hard times.

2. Change your job

If you are not feeling satisfied with your current job, then you should consider switching to another company or starting a new career path. You feeling burnout may be a result of grinding yourself at a company that doesn’t fulfil your financial and professtional goals.

We have written an article about the main causes of stress at the workplace and the best ways to avoid them that you can read here:

The 7 main causes of stress at work and how to avoid them

3. Change your home

If you are living in a big city, then you know how irritating that could be when you are feeling burnout and completely stressed out.

The combination of sounds created by cars, trains, airplanes, sirens of ambulances and people shouting in the street can seal the deal on certain days and cause you to flip out and lose your temper.

The best thing you can do to reduce that is to move out to the suburbs of your city far away as possible from noise pollution. Preferably, you should look for a home in a green area near a river, a lake, a forest or a park.

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That was our simple and hopefully helpful guide for you.

Let’s end it with this thought for your mind.

A farmer sow seeds in the ground with the vision of harvesting a high volume of crops after a relatively long period of time. Your goals in life should be treated similarly. Work hard with a vision and be patient.

If your harvest during one season is not as high as you expected it to be, then remember that there will be another season to recover as long as you stay healthy.

Be just like a farmer.

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