5 Funny British TV Shows for Stress Relief

Laughing or even smiling a little bit more in your daily life can make such a big difference. If you want to get to know British comedy, then you need to start with these 5 funny British tv shows.

Mr. Bean

Produced by Tiger Aspect Productions

This is a cult comedy TV sitcom starring Rowan Atkinson which consists of 15 episodes that were aired between 1989 and 1995. Each episode is around 29 minutes long.

Rowan Atkinson managed to make Mr.Bean a funny memorable character without saying a single word and his awkwardness on TV can never be replicated.

Many kids born in the 1990s grew up watching it and the episodes themselves never get old no matter how many times you watch them. This show is perfect for someone looking for a TV show to watch before going to bed.

The IT Crowd

Produced by Channel 4

The IT crowd is a comedy series starring Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, and Matt Berry. It consists of 4 seasons and 25 episodes that were aired between 2006 and 2013. Each episode is around 23 minutes long.

The story revolves about a female manager with no computer experience managing the IT department consisting of two awkward IT support employees in the basement of a big corporate company.

The show is filled with hilarious dark humor scenes and punchlines.

Top Gear

Produced by BBC

This is in our opinion the best cars TV show that was ever made. The show has more than 190 episodes which are 60 minutes long each. It had a number of presenters over the years and has been on TV since 1977.

The funniest presenters crew it ever had was the one consisting Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Together they presented the show between 2003 and 2015.

This team left the show in 2015 following Jeremy Clarkson, who was fired due to frequent disagreement and conflicts with some BBC producers. They went to Amazon and started a new show called “The Grand Tour”.

Due to the high number of episodes this show has, we recommend you to start with the most entertaining episodes, the Top Gear “Specials” episodes:

  • Winter Olympics, aired in 2006, filmed in Norway
  • USA Special, aired in 2007, filmed in the United States of America
  • Polar Special aired in 2007, filmed in Canada
  • Botswana Special, aired in 2007, filmed in Botswana
  • Vietnam Special, aired in 2008, filmed in Vietnam
  • Bolivia Special, aired in 2009, filmed in Bolivia and Chile
  • East Coast Road Trip, aired in 2010, filmed in the United States of America
  • Middle East Special, aired in 2010, filmed in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel
  • India Special, aired in 2011, filmed in India
  • Africa Special, aired in 2013, filmed in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania
  • Burma Special, aired in 2014, filmed in Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand
  • Patagonia Special, aired in 2015 Argentina, filmed in Chile

Harry and Paul

Produced by Tiger Aspect Productions

Harry and Paul is a comedy sketch TV show created by the two British comedy veterans Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. It consists of 24 episodes that were aired between 2007 and 2012.

Each episode is around 30 minutes long and consists of short sketches that are creative and very funny. If you enjoy British comedy, then this is a show that you do not want to miss as it is a “flying under the radar” kind of show and is not known by many.

Mind Your Language

Produced by ITV

If you ever lived in a foriegn country and had to learn a foriegn language then you will completely relate to this show.

The idea revolves around a group of foriegn nationals that are sitting in an class and learning English together. Every student come from one of the following countries: Germany, Japan, China, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, India, and Pakistan.

The show consists of 4 seasons and 42 episodes that are around 25 minutes long each. The first three seasons were filmed between 1977-1979 while the fourth one was filmed in 1986 with the 6 members of the original cast.

QI – Quiet Interesting

Produced by BBC

This show is the best quiz show you will ever watch. The first episode was broadcasted in 2003 and was hosted by the British comedian, actor and writer Stephen Fry until 2015.

In every episode, a group of British and sometimes international comedians visit the show as guests and compete against each other. The only permenant guest of the show is the British comedian Alan Davis.

The questions asked are very interesting and will blow your mind sometimes. The comedians hosted on the show every weekend make it unique and hilarious to watch with their absurd and funny answers to these interesting questions

You can expect to laugh and learn a lot of amazing facts by watching this show.

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