10 Ways to Have a Relaxing Weekend

To reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing in your life, you need to pamper your body and do relaxing activities on a frequent basis. Trying to have a relaxing weekend will not just make you feel better in general, but will also increase your productivity.

In this blog post, we will suggest a few ideas that you can try out in on weekends to relax a bit more. Pick the ones that suit your lifestyle the most and rotate between them every weekend.

Turn your Phone off

One of the easiest things that you can do on weekends in order to zone out is simply turning your phone off.

It is becoming more evident today that being connected and reachable 24/7 is one of the causes of stress and anxiety. Your ancestors didn’t use a phone and weren’t always reachable like you are.

Just observe the number of notifications that are pushed to you by the apps you use on your phone or the advertisements and sales pitches that you recieve on a regular basis.

This definitely has an impact on the fabric of the human brain and forces it to be in a continuous state of anticipation that eventually causes you to be more anxious.

Just turn it off and check it whenever you want to make a phone call or send a message. The universe will not stop if you miss a couple of phone calls or allow 100 notifications from the different apps you use to accumulate.

Do Not Spend Time on Social Media

Many studies have been published about the negative side effects of social media platforms on human psychology. They are pretty useful and no one can deny that, but using them without any limits is destructive.

If you are using social media platforms, then try to take a break from them at least on weekends in order to maintain a healthy state of mind and relax.

Using Google Trends, which is a website by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages, we can notice an increase by 100% in the popularity of the term “anxiety” between 2004 and 2019.

Photo Source: Stresskilla

On the graph, we have noted the launch dates of the main social media platforms that exist today.

Could social networks be a factor causing an increase in the amount of anxiety people are suffering from today?


Go to the Spa

That feeling you have after spending a couple of hours in spa is just as good as having great sex.

The human body pushes toxins accumulating inside of it towards the outer layers of your skin. When you visit a sauna or a have a steam bath, you open your skin pores that allow these toxins to be released and sweat them out.

Moreover, the steam opens up your respiratory system and by that allow more oxygen to flow into your brain and body.

You can also try getting a body massage at least once a month. By doing so you will release the tension that builds up inside of your muscles on a regular basis.

Do not be cheap when it comes to taking care of your body because investing in it regularly will pay you back high returns in terms of productivity, satisfaction, and relaxation.

Photo Source: Pixabay

Have a Sleepover

If you have a good friend with which you can organize a sleepover, then try to do it on a weekend every few months. It is a chance to talk about your latest life developments, laugh, relax and enjoy time without worry and fear.

It doesn’t matter, if you are 20 or 47.

As a kid, sleeping at your friend’s house was probably one of the most fun and exciting things you did, so why not do it out as an adult too. If you are married or have kids, then you can go camping outside your town in a tent or a campervan.

Binge-Watch a TV show

Laying in bed on the weekend after a long week of hard work is relaxing, but not a very productive thing to do each and every single weekend.

If you want to make the time you spend watching TV series more useful, then add documentaries and educational content into your watching list frequent.

Furthermore, try making healthy snacks to eat while chilling and do not consume foods that can increase stress inside of your body out like alcohol, processed foods, and sweets as much as you can.

Go for a Hike in Nature

We spend most of our day sitting in boxes made out of steel and cement that we call either home or office, walk on streets made of asphalt and commute in cars or trains made of plastic and metal.

As civilized modern human beings we have completely lost connection to nature. Cities are growing outwards and green spaces inside of them are slowly being replaced by another shopping mall or apartment complex.

There is no coming back since the human population will continue to grow and more people will leave smaller towns and move toward big cities.

That is why it so important today to try spending some time in nature away from the chaos of big cities. Doing this on weekends will help you calm down, relax and recharge.

Learn How to Grow Your Food

During the past few years, the financial system in Venezuela collapsed. Their currency became worthless, which caused the prices of imported goods to surge unbelievably and made them unaffordable for the majority of Venezeulens.

The two kinds of people who are still able to make it through this misery are either rich or self-sufficient. By self-sufficiency, we mean being able to grow your own food, have your own animal stock and have your own energy source.

Being able to grow your food is a skill that is mastered be few people today. We have become so dependent on our governments and big cooperations that control global agricultural resources.

So it is not just a matter of learning this skill as a way to relax, but rather a matter of reconnecting with your own human heritage and learning how to survive in case you are forced to live in such conditions.

Try to Paint

Have you ever tried painting?!

To express yourself in colors and shapes is a very therapeutic thing to do.

You don’t have to be Picasso to paint.

Buy some colors, brushes, empty papers and just try it out. Play relaxing soothing music like classical baroque in the background while you do it. Let your intuition and emotions lead you and move your hands. Do not think about anything else around you.

Photo Source: Pixabay

Fix or Build Stuff

If the most complex you ever built was an IKEA table, then you haven’t discovered the joy of being a creative builder yet.

Being able to build things you need or fix the broken things laying around your house by yourself is very rewarding. Furthermore, it allows your brain to completely to zone out and emerges you in a state of concentration that is very therapeutic.

Here is a list of things that you can try out:

  • Learn basic carpentry skills and build your own furniture
  • Learn how to create your own organic personal care products like perfume, soap, shampoo, toothpaste
  • Assemble your own new bicycle
  • Cast a piece of jewelry
  • Sew a piece of clothing
  • Cook dishes from different international cuisines

You might think that learning these skills would be hard, but it really isn’t as long as you start your journey by visiting a workshop in your area or by finding a mentor that can teach you the basics.

Be resourceful and learn how to be creative and productive. Do not just consume without limits. Our enviroment will appreciate you trying to do this too.

Develop Your Spirituality

Weekends are perfect for contemplation and reflection.

Almost all religions suggest fasting as a way to distance ourselves from things we lust for. By fasting, you do not just clear your mind and spirit but you also cleanse your body from toxins and allow your digestive system to rest.

While you fast, try to live like a mystic even if for a day.

You can spend a few hours praying, meditating or reading a spiritual book. Furthermore, you can volunteer with a local organization in your town and spend a few hours helping others for no return.

Photo Source: Pixabay

That was our list of simple things you could try out to have a relaxing weekend.

Do you have more ideas?

Share them with us!


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